Impossible Foods Promises Launch of Burger in July

  © Impossible Foods

© Impossible Foods

The meat revolution just might be arriving this summer. Food and Wine Magazine recently reported that Impossible Foods plans to launch The Impossible Burger, a plant-based product whose creators swear tastes just as good - if not better - than conventional cow's beef, in select cities this July.

The news was accompanied by a taste-test of the upcoming product by Food and Wine's test kitchen staff, who watched as Chef Traci Des Jardin provided a rich cooking demonstration that filled the kitchen with the same rich smells, sights and sounds that a juicy burger would make on the grill. But this burger is entirely animal-free: made from a number of innovative plant ingredients - from coconut oil to potato protein and yeast heme - the Impossible Burger comes in raw form which must be shaped into patties, just like conventional beef, and can even be eaten raw, as in a tartare.

According to Food and Wine, the burger's flavors, textures, and medium-rare colors completely "blew them away". Even better, the Impossible Burger is far superior to conventional beef in sustainability - it only requires a fraction of the land, water, and energy that traditional beef production uses.

Thanks to this glowing high-profile review,  The Impossible Burger is set to become the most highly-anticipated food products of the year. And if it is indeed as good as they report it to be, one thing is for sure: it will help usher in a brand-new era of meat production and enjoyment. 

As Food and Wine put it, welcome to the future.