The Power of Innovation

John F. Kennedy once said, when speaking about America's dream of landing a man on the moon: 

"We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard."

That is the perfect epitome of what drives animal-free food innovation. Many times, the most important dreams, goals, and aspirations we have are also the most difficult and challenging to achieve. But that is precisely what makes them worth striving for.                              

Fifteen years ago, when the destructive nature of meat production was well-known but useful alternatives were few,  most people would have said that making meat without animals was impossible - that you could never fully replicate the taste, texture, smells and look of animal meat without animals. The only alternatives to meat at that time were veggie burgers and tofu products, which were uniformly terrible. So most people would likely have scoffed at the idea of animal-free food production as a solution to industrial meat farming. Conventional wisdom said the only way to make meat, dairy and eggs was with cows, pigs and chickens - period. Anything else was unrealistic or just delusional. 

And yet, thanks to the sheer awfulness of industrial meat production, some people woke up to this global issue and decided that there had to be a better way - a new, innovative approach to producing meat, milk and eggs without sacrificing the environment, human health or our ethics towards animals. Some incredibly stubborn people kept imagining, working, and believing in a better way to make meat and animal products - and their efforts have finally paid off. Cultured and plant-based meats cannot only match or exceed the qualities of conventional meat; they have the potential to fully revolutionize our food culture, food production systems, and our collective imagination in how we think about meat and where it comes from. Animal-free meat production has untold benefits for the environment, health, animal welfare and enriching our overall consciousness toward food. And all because some intrepid individuals refused to settle for the status quo, and continued to push for a better way.  

The innovation of meat is a powerful example of what's possible with dreams, imagination, and unyielding optimism, and illustrates why we should never give up on improving the world, no matter how impossible an idea might seem.