17 Ways 2017 Will Rock Meat, Dairy and Eggs

                      Memphis Meats is making meat from cells instead of animals.    Memphis Meats

                    Memphis Meats is making meat from cells instead of animals. Memphis Meats

By Janay Laing

Today, most meat, milk and eggs come from huge, destructive and inhumane farms. But if this group of fearless and ingenious innovators get their way, 2017 is going to change all that, and make animal products more healthy, sustainable and humane. Let's go!

1. Memphis Meats' "First Bite" campaign will introduce cell-cultured meat to the masses  

2. More gloriously bloody, plant-based Impossible Burgers are coming

  Miranda Bryant/ Impossible Foods /Vice Munchies

Miranda Bryant/Impossible Foods/Vice Munchies

3.  A plant-based burger is now in Whole Foods' meat department.

4. The beefy Range-Free Burger is launching in restaurants around the country

5. The animal-free Herbivorous Butcher, Butcher's Son, The Very Good Butchers and more are changing the butchery game

6.  Plant-based BBQ and deli shops are coming to Brooklyn and Miami

7. The Herbivorous Butcher's plant meats will get a test ride as future food for missions to Mars

8. With "Butcherless" catering, Brits are getting new bacon

9. plant-based chicken has been selling out in London

10.   In Canada, a vegan Big Mac IS JUST AS POPULAR

  Globally Local

Globally Local

11.  On the seafood side, New Wave Foods is making better shrimp from plants

12.       Tomato Sushi? Hotter than wasabi.

13. It's official: A new generation of meat innovators has arrived!

 14.  Perfect Day Foods is launching the first real milk without cows

15. Better cold-brew lattes are coming your way thanks to Willow Cup

16. The Not company is making plant-based mayo with artificial intelligence

17. Tyson, the world's biggest meat processor, just bought stock in plant meats and opened a fund for exploring new proteins. 

Here's to a year of innovation, and making meat, dairy and eggs better!

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