The New Omnivore in 2016

It's already 2 weeks into 2016, so it might be a little belated to say it, but Happy New Year! I've actually been hard at work on some of the most exciting things that are planned for this year, including more New Omnivore live events, new website content, outreach efforts and more. There are a lot of awesome things in store - here's a brief preview:

The New Omnivore Conference

On September 10th, join us in Miami for the first-ever national conference dedicated entirely to animal-free food innovation! The New Omnivore Conference will bring together leading food advocates, scientists, startups, policy makers, investors, food enthusiasts and more to learn about and discuss the fast-emerging reality of making meat, dairy and eggs without animals. The event will feature keynote presentations, demonstrations, panel discussions, a biotech expo, networking events and more!

Event location and early-bird tickets will be announced soon - stay tuned!  

The New Omnivore Live Workshops

Join us this spring for the launch of New Omnivore Workshops - exciting events that are aimed at educating the general public about the new future of making meat without animals, and the incredible plant-based meats that we can start enjoying now. After the presentation, we'll invite one or more local food influencers - food bloggers, writers, critics, and/or chefs - for a chat about the implications of animal-free food innovation, including how it might affect popular food culture, food sustainability, consumer choices and more.  We'll follow it up with a delicious sampling of food and drinks from a local eatery. 

Events are currently planned for Miami and San Francisco - stay tuned for ticket information.

The New Omnivore College Outreach

College students are some of most creative, influential, and forward-thinking members of society, so naturally we want their help in spreading The New Omnivore's message of progress and innovation. For our College Outreach initiative, we'll be visiting different campuses to talk about the mission of animal-free food production, and then help students get active by starting student organizations, holding food samplings, film screenings and more. Locations and dates for the college events will be announced. 

In addition to live events, The New Omnivore will have oodles of cool content on our website, social media and YouTube starting this year - be sure to look out for those!

I'm super excited to bring these and many more things beginning this year - thanks for your support and please continue to follow TNO.

Janay L. - Founder