Hampton Creek Has (Yet Another) Good Week

It was a big story in 2013 when Hampton Creek first signed with Costco to distribute their debut product, Just Mayo, in wholesale stores nationwide.  It was even bigger news when, in 2014, they struck a deal with Walmart that placed their product in the majority of that company’s 4,000 stores in record time – just 9 months from signing to store shelves.  And their agreement with Foodbuy earlier this year, a subsidiary of food service giant Compass Group, introduced egg-free mayo and cookie dough to a vast new network of schools, hospitals and other large institutions, bringing their distribution and product reach to a whole new level.

But landmark agreements seem to  routine thing with Hampton Creek.

Their latest deal will now make them the sole provider of Compass Group’s salad dressings and baking mixes, which will be used in the millions of meals and desserts Compass serves around the world every day.  For a three-and-a-half year old startup, that’s not a bad feat.

Last week, it was also reported that more jars of Just Mayo are officially being bought at Walmart stores than Whole Foods – a surprising and encouraging sign that average consumers are independently choosing foods that have value in both taste and affordability, and proves Hampton Creek’s mission to provide better food to the masses is on solid footing.

So as they continue to coast, the question might now become who is benefiting more from healthy, egg-free products – consumers or Hampton Creek?