Because producing food should never require destroying the planet, harming our health, or abusing animals

Because sometimes we have to question old ideas, beliefs and assumptions, and ask if there's a better way

Because we should never stop trying to raise our standards, or believe in  impossible things

Because it’s fun to explore new territory, take leaps of faith, and smash through old boundaries

Because we deserve food that aligns with our values

Because we're human, and since the beginning of time, we've used imagination, ingenuity and innovation to solve our greatest challenges

Because there is always a better way to do something - period. 


About Me (founder)

Growing up, I loved three things: books, biology, and burgers – especially the last one.  So when I decided to go vegetarian after learning about industrial farms, giving up cheeseburgers wasn't easy.  But I never lost my love for them, and knew that someday I'd eat a real burger again, but in a new and better way,  without using animals.

In college I studied science and English, and went into teaching writing, but I still harbored a passion for changing industrial farming and starting a new meat revolution, but had no idea how.

It wasn’t until 2013, when major breakthroughs in cultured meat and other innovations happened that I realized my truest calling – to be a voice for this new field of animal-free food innovation, and make it fun, appealing, and accessible to the masses.  

I always wanted to do something that would positively change the world, and with The New Omnivore, I hope I’m a little closer to that goal. For 15 years I wondered if there wasn’t a better way to make meat, dairy and eggs, without harming animals or the environment. And now, thanks to the incredible work of many bold and inspiring individuals, I can happily confirm the answer is yes!