A New Omnivore is someone who desires to eat meat, dairy, and eggs made from plants or biotechnology, so that it causes less harm to the environment, human health, and animals. 

Instead of conventional farming, which is responsible for intense greenhouse gas pollution, overuse of natural resources, unhealthy levels of antibiotics and hormones in food, and routine abuse of farm animals, The New Omnivore advocates consuming meat, dairy and egg products in a more sustainable and healthy way. 

Animal-free foods have made huge advances in the last ten years. High-quality meats made with the proteins of soy, wheat, peas and other plants can now be found in most major supermarkets, and plant-only “butcher shops” and deli’s that specialize in handcrafted, artisan plant meats are a fast-emerging food trend.

On the technology front, cultured meat using animal cells grown in special lab cultures to reproduce animal flesh will alter the global food landscape significantly. Cultured meat can provide us with the most popular meat products we love without the environmental and health problems found in conventional meat production. This technology is rapidly advancing, and as the costs of production become more economical, we could see the first cultured meat become available for purchase by the beginning of the next decade.

Using plants and biotechnology to create animal products can have hugely beneficial impacts on the planet, food safety, and animal welfare. Considering the grave problems posed by modern animal agribusiness, which is incredibly wasteful, inefficient, and irresponsible towards human health concerns, we must turn to new ways of making meat and animal products to enjoy them as we always have without further harming the planet and the safety of our food supply. 

Fortunately, we are at a time in history when we no longer need animals to make meat, dairy and eggs, and we are discovering that by making these foods ourselves, we can make them even better - in overall quality, safety, and environmental sustainability. 

This is what The New Omnivore is all about – eating meat, dairy and eggs in a new and better way. So join us as we promote and follow the news of the fast-growing industry dedicated to animal-free food innovation. We're really excited to have you along.